A stock with a small capitalization, meaning a total equity value of less than $500 million. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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small-cap ˈsmall-cap noun [countable]
FINANCE a share in a company with a small amount of share capital (= total share value); =SMALL CAPITALIZATION SHARE; SMALL CAP SHARE:

• Midcaps are the real star performers, not the small-caps.

— compare large-cap

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small-cap UK US (also small cap) adjective [before noun] STOCK MARKET, FINANCE
relating to a company that has a low total value of shares, or these companies considered as a group: »

The current financial climate does not favour small-cap companies.


small-cap shares

Compare LARGE-CAP(Cf. ↑large-cap), MID-CAP(Cf. ↑mid-cap)
small-cap UK US (also small cap) noun [C, usually plural]
STOCK MARKET, FINANCE a company with a low total value of shares, or shares in companies like this: »

Small-caps tend to fall farther and faster during market downturns.


Avoid buying small caps when you are worried about the economy.

Compare LARGE-CAP(Cf. ↑large-cap), MID-CAP(Cf. ↑mid-cap)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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